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Searching for Mixins and Plugins with Porter

Mar 2, 2020

Two of Porter’s great strengths lie in composability and extensibility. Mixins represent the building blocks for composing a bundle, offering functionality that can be utilized during the runtime of a bundle, and Plugins represent swappable backend storage solutions, enabling distributed, Day 2 bundle instance management. (Be sure to read Carolyn Van Slyck’s recent post around Plugins and Collaboration.) The default installation of Porter includes a handful of useful mixins, including:

Managing Bundles as a Team with Porter

Feb 19, 2020

One tenet of working on a great team, is that no one deploys alone. I may have originally deployed our application, but that doesn’t mean that I am responsible for patching it until the end of time, or until I run away screaming. I am excited to announce that Porter now fully supports teams managing a bundle collaboratively! 🙌 🔷 Sally deploys the application on Tuesday using secrets stored in the team’s Key Vault.