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Set Bundle Metadata on Build and Publish

Jan 14, 2021

With the v0.31.0 release of Porter you can now quickly set metadata on your bundle. This corrects confusing terms around the OCI reference of the bundle (the location of a bundle in a registry).

reference = registry/name:tag

  • Reference: A bundle reference is the location of a published bundle. For example, ghcr.io/getporter/porter/porter-hello:v0.1.1. Previously this was called bundle tag.

    Until we release v1.0, Porter detects when you use the flags with the old meanings and fixes it for you. When Porter releases v1.0, that behavior will be removed.

  • Registry: The location prefix of a published bundle. For example, with ghcr.io/getporter/porter/porter-hello:v0.1.1 the registry is ghcr.io/getporter/porter.

  • Tag: Tag now only means the OCI artifact tag, which is the last part of a bundle or image reference after the colon. For example, with getporter/porter-hello:v0.1.1 the tag is v0.1.1. Previously this had two definitions: bundle tag and OCI artifact tag.

Build Workflow

You can change the bundle name and version when building the bundle. Porter replaces the specified field in porter.yaml in-memory with the new value before building the bundle. The porter.yaml file is not modified.


Set the bundle name with --name when building the bundle:

porter build --name porter-hello


Set the bundle version with --version when building the bundle:

porter build --version v0.1.1

Most bundle pipelines will determine the version on the fly during the build either from application version or using git tags.

Publish Workflow

You can change where the bundle is published using the flags below, and Porter will retag the bundle before pushing it.


Set the tag with --tag when publishing the bundle:

porter publish --tag latest

We don’t recommend using mutable tags like latest in production, but they are very useful during development and test.


Set the registry with --registry when publishing the bundle:

porter publish --registry ghcr.io/getporter

This makes it easier to publish a bundle to multiple registries, for example both Docker Hub and GitHub Container Registry, at the same time.


Set the entire reference with --reference when publishing the bundle:

porter publish --reference localhost:5000/testing/hello:dev

Using a combination of the build and publish flags works for most CI/CD scenarios. If for some reason the other flags don’t work for your situation, you can override the entire reference, bypassing Porter’s defaulting logic.

Hopefully makes it a lot easier to build and publish a bundle in your CI pipeline. Try it out and let us know how it works for you!