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Helm3 Mixin Improvements

Sep 28, 2021

If you use Helm in your bundles, then you are going to want the latest helm3 mixin release! With improved defaults, and new flags supported, the helm3 v0.1.15 mixin will help make your bundles more reliable.

1.0.0-alpha.3 is here!

Sep 21, 2021

Check out the new features introduced in Porter v1.0.0-alpha.3 such as MongoDB, namespaces, bundle state and credential import.

Porter v1 on the Horizon

May 11, 2021

Like a farmer asking “when it’s gonna rain?”, I am often asked “when you gonna ship v1?”

Migrate from Docker App to Porter

May 5, 2021

Docker recently announced that they are no longer developing Docker App, and that you should migrate to Porter to continue using your app and work with it like you do today. Let’s walk through how to migrate your Docker App to Porter.

View Logs From Previous Runs

Mar 22, 2021

With the v0.35.0 release of Porter, the logs generated when install/upgrade/invoke/uninstall is run are persisted. Now you can view logs from previous runs, which can come in handy when troubleshooting a deployment. You can view the logs from the most recent execution of a bundle with the porter logs command: $ porter logs -i whalegap executing install action from whalegap (installation: whalegap) Install WhaleGap /usr/local/bin/helm helm install --name whalegap ./charts/whalegap --replace --set image.

Set Bundle Metadata on Build and Publish

Jan 14, 2021

With the v0.31.0 release of Porter you can now quickly set metadata on your bundle. This corrects confusing terms around the OCI reference of the bundle (the location of a bundle in a registry). reference = registry/name:tag Reference: A bundle reference is the location of a published bundle. For example, ghcr.io/getporter/porter/porter-hello:v0.1.1. Previously this was called bundle tag. Until we release v1.0, Porter detects when you use the flags with the old meanings and fixes it for you.

Porter Has Joined the CNCF as a Sandbox Project

Sep 28, 2020

When Jeremy Rickard and I created Porter less than two years ago, we wanted to create a community-led project that would encourage collaboration across vendors to make Cloud Native Application Bundles (CNAB) accessible and maintainable. We want to continue to support that mission of vendor neutral independence while growing the community of practitioners who can use and contribute to Porter’s development. Today, the Porter Maintainers are happy to announce that Porter has been accepted as a CNCF Sandbox project.

Docker Mixin for Porter!

Jul 28, 2020

We are excited to announce the first release of a Docker mixin for Porter! 🐳 Mixins are critical building blocks for bundles, and we hope the Docker mixin will help ease the process of composing bundles. The Docker mixin installs Docker and provides the Docker CLI within bundles. Prior to the creation of this mixin, in order to use Docker within your bundle, you would have to create a custom Dockerfile and install Docker.

Using Docker inside Porter Bundles

Apr 23, 2020

Sometimes you need a hammer, and that hammer happens to be a whale 🐳. We all use containers as part of our pipeline: building images, running a one-off command in a utility container, spinning up a test environment to verify your application, or even more creative tasks that you have already containerized. Well now you can reuse all that hard work and logic from within your bundles! Let’s walk through using my favorite container, docker/whalesay, in a bundle.

Searching for Mixins and Plugins with Porter

Mar 2, 2020

Two of Porter’s great strengths lie in composability and extensibility. Mixins represent the building blocks for composing a bundle, offering functionality that can be utilized during the runtime of a bundle, and Plugins represent swappable backend storage solutions, enabling distributed, Day 2 bundle instance management. (Be sure to read Carolyn Van Slyck’s recent post around Plugins and Collaboration.) The default installation of Porter includes a handful of useful mixins, including:

Managing Bundles as a Team with Porter

Feb 19, 2020

One tenet of working on a great team, is that no one deploys alone. I may have originally deployed our application, but that doesn’t mean that I am responsible for patching it until the end of time, or until I run away screaming. I am excited to announce that Porter now fully supports teams managing a bundle collaboratively! 🙌 🔷 Sally deploys the application on Tuesday using secrets stored in the team’s Key Vault.